Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, Idyllwild, & Joshua Tree

It’s that time of year, when I try to find a place to escape to. But I live in Southern California and this is where everyone comes to for warmer weather. So I called my friend Jordan to take a 4-day Thanksgiving road trip to Palm Springs, the neighboring town of Idyllwild, and Joshua Tree. Day 1: Palm Springs We left on Thanksgiving Day and found … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, Idyllwild, & Joshua Tree

Sunday Bests (11/12/17)

I’m experiencing some FOMO right now, as my friends traveled to the places I had on my radar: Palm Springs and San Francisco. I decided to take it easy, especially with consuming alcoholic beverages, and live a “healthier” and slower weekend. This was my weekend: I attempted to go to The Broad on FRIDAY without tickets. We got there 2 hours early and the line was around … Continue reading Sunday Bests (11/12/17)

Sunday Bests (10/01/17)

I’m getting my life in order. There has been little work-life balance. Work bleeds into the rest of my life so I resolved to not do any work this weekend. Thankfully, we have a teacher workday tomorrow so I can catch up. I’m taking full advantage of my weekends with OC Brew Ha Ha and Wizards Assemble Bar Crawl in LA. It’s not quite “getting my act together,” … Continue reading Sunday Bests (10/01/17)

Sunday Bests (09/10/17)

  As you’re reading this, I’m drinking wine and petting animals on the Malibu Wine Safari for a friend’s birthday. Things are looking up. This week included the Island Hop, a preview food and drinks event, complete with Samba dancers. But August and the beginning of September has been rough for everyone so I can’t complain about the heat wave and my cold. August blues are a … Continue reading Sunday Bests (09/10/17)